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Advenix Launches VisualSubject

New Drop-down Graphic "Billboard" Delivers Branded Message in User's Email Subject Line; Tests Show Click-through Rates Increased by 27 Percent, Conversions by 41 Percent

MILPITAS, Calif., March 22, 2007 — A simple, new graphical "billboard” that drops down from email subject lines proposes to make email marketing more efficient for marketers and online shoppers alike by providing a visual shortcut that encourages an immediate response by the reader. VisualSubject, the flagship product of Silicon Valley-based upstart Advenix Inc., permits authorized marketers to include a branded drop-down "billboard" — graphics, headline or rich media — so readers immediately "get the message" without needing to open the email.

"Too often shoppers are overwhelmed by email — even from their favorite e-retailers. They simply don't have the time to open each of the messages," says Justin Khoo, president and founder of Advenix. "VisualSubject allows marketers to brand their subject lines and provide their customers with a visual frame of reference so they can quickly decide to open or delete the message."

This is amazing — we want to be able to use Advenix VisualSubject for all our online campaigns
More Visual Marketing, More Effective Communication

Advenix VisualSubject lifts the restrictions of the 10-word subject line, enabling marketers to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers. Email recipients simply run their cursor over the subject line, and the "billboard" drops down with graphics and text.

The graphical nature of Advenix's VisualSubject enables marketers to more easily catch the eye of the email reader and to quickly convey information. This allows marketers to further define and differentiate their brands.

An online demo of Advenix VisualSubject can be accessed at http://www.advenix.com/visualsubject.

Increase of 27 Percent in Click-throughs; 41 in Conversions

In an initial test with email hosting company Everyone.net, a total of 5.6 million emails were sent out in nine separate mailings. Each mailing was split in two; half received the email with the Advenix VisualSubject graphic billboard, and half received the regular email. The results showed that emails with VisualSubject produced a significant response, averaging a 27 percent increase in click-throughs and a 41 percent increase in overall conversions or sales.

"We were impressed by Advenix's VisualSubject," says Raymond Chan, executive vice president of Everyone.net. "It's clear that VisualSubject not only increases the response rates but also enhances the user experience."

As expected, visual offers performed better in the test. However, more complex offers with multiple selling points also fared better with the Advenix VisualSubject teaser.

"This is amazing — we want to be able to use Advenix VisualSubject for all our online campaigns," says Debra Rabin, vice president of business development for LinkValu Affiliate Network (formerly Spectrum Direct Life Insurance), one of the companies that ran an email campaign during the test. We hope this technology is adopted by all the large web mail companies as a way to help both their subscribers and responsible marketers."

Email You Can Trust

VisualSubject is available only for permission-based mailings, providing added discrimination from unsolicited and untargeted email or spam.

"We've worked with Advenix for some time as a back-end advisor and are very pleased to see this product launch," says Anne P. Mitchell, president of ISIPP, providers of the SuretyMail email accreditation service. "Advenix VisualSubject is a great way for email senders — and Internet marketers, in particular — to distinguish their email as legitimate, wanted email, and to rise above the clutter in the spam filter."

How Advenix VisualSubject Works

Marketers create the graphics for the Advenix VisualSubject drop-down billboard at the same time they produce the email campaign. Before launching the campaign, the creative for the graphic billboard is uploaded to Advenix for later retrieval. The marketer then appends the email message with Advenix VisualSubject identifiers and distributes the email.

Advenix ensures that only authorized permission-based messages use VisualSubject by putting strict authentication mechanisms in place.

When a user logs into a webmail account at a portal or ISP that uses Advenix's VisualSubject technology, emails with VisualSubject will appear with a special icon adjacent to the subject line. When the user moves his cursor over the icon, the graphical billboard is retrieved from an Advenix server and displayed. The email recipient can then quickly decide whether he wants to open and pursue the message, or delete it. The billboard immediately disappears when the cursor is moved.

Availability and Pricing

Advenix is offering VisualSubject to a select group of marketers and is currently in negotiations with portals and ISPs to make it available to a broader range of consumers. The company is also in the process of working with email accreditation and reputation companies to qualify and approve senders who want to use the technology.

Pricing for VisualSubject is based on a per-impression model.

About Advenix

Founded in 2002, Advenix, Inc., develops technology to enhance online communications. The company;s flagship product, VisualSubject, enables authorized marketers to include a graphical "billboard" that drops down from an email subject line.

Based in Milpitas, Calif., Advenix is a privately held corporation. To learn more, visit Advenix on the Web at http://www.advenix.com.

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