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Advenix VisualSubject Customized Email Previews Boost User Engagement by 125%

Customized Previews Enable Recipients to Quickly and Efficiently Identify the Core Message of an Email and Take Action on It.

MILPITAS, CA, December 17, 2008 ó Advenix, creator of the VisualSubject customized email preview, reports a forty-two percent lift in email results among recipients who engaged with VisualSubject, a user-initiated graphic that complements the email subject line with a visual preview. Findings are based on a series of email campaigns Advenix ran September through November 2008.

"Conventional wisdom implies that the success of a marketing campaign is often due to the offer and is less dependent on the creative or imagery depicting the offer," says Justin Khoo, president and founder, Advenix. "However, in the case of email, subject lines are frequently truncated in the inbox, so the recipient often doesnít even see the complete offer."

The test revealed that VisualSubject customized email preview enables recipients to quickly and efficiently identify the core message of an email and take action on it.

Adds Khoo, "Users prefer to engage with the VisualSubject unit rather than open an email based solely on the subject line and sender text."

Highlights of A/B Tests Measuring Effectiveness of VisualSubject Customized Email Previews

Email users are engaging with the VisualSubject preview as a tool to gauge their interest in the subject line text.
  • One hundred twenty-five percent more users viewed the VisualSubject preview unit compared to users who opened an otherwise identical email without the VisualSubject preview, showing a higher engagement factor among recipients of VisualSubject-enabled emails.
  • Forty-two percent lift in email results
  • Thirty-two percent increase in clickthrough rates
  • Eleven percent increase in open rates
  • Emails containing multiple selling offers and those advertising products saw a higher boost with VisualSubject.
"We are seeing very high quality results with every campaign weíve run with VisualSubject," says Melissa Detrick, account manager at Adknowledge. "The customized email preview helps ensure that our offers get noticed in a crowded inbox."

VisualSubject Attracts Higher Numbers of Interested Readers

A significant finding of the test was the difference between the increase in the open rate and the conversion rate, or number of recipients who took action after clicking through to the advertiserís website. Many users who may not have typically opened an email chose to view the customized preview and discovered something of interest. VisualSubject customized previews result in users converting at a much higher rate.

The results are interesting, especially since open rates increased by only eleven percent," adds Khoo. "Any increase in open rates is good, but the difference between the increase in open rates and the much larger increase in conversion rates indicates that users who decided to open an email after viewing the VisualSubject preview were much more engaged with the offer."

The Advenix VisualSubject customized email preview is a 350-pixel-wide by 100-pixel-tall graphic that serves as a complement to the email subject line. Email recipients simply mouse over the subject line or VisualSubject icon, and the customized preview drops down with visuals and text. The preview removes the restrictions of the 10-word subject line, enabling senders to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers, alumni or donors.

To see an interactive demonstration of VisualSubject, please go to www.advenix.com/visualsubject.

About Advenix

Advenix, the creator of the VisualSubject customized email preview, helps certified permission-based email marketers stand out in a cluttered inbox. Advenix gives marketers the opportunity to provide customers with a customized preview of an email that can be viewed without opening the email. VisualSubject supports rich media including video, and offers a more engaging, effective and interactive user experience.

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