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  About the Company

About the Company

Advenix, the creator of the VisualSubject customized email preview helps permission based email marketers stand out in a cluttered inbox. Advenix gives marketers the opportunity to provide customers with a customized preview of an email that can be viewed without opening an email.. VisualSubject supports rich media, and offers a more engaging, effective and interactive user experience.

The Product

The Advenix VisualSubject customized email preview is a 350-pixel wide by 100-pixel tall graphic that serves as a complement to the email subject line. Email recipients simply mouse over the subject line or VisualSubject icon, and the customized preview drops down with visuals and text. The preview lifts the restrictions of the 10-word subject line, enabling senders to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers, alumni or donors.

Click here to view a Flash demo.

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