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Scanning through email just got easier —
and a lot more interesting. With the
Advenix VisualSubject customized email preview,
recipients quickly “get the message.”

The Advenix VisualSubject customized email preview is a 350-pixel wide by 100-pixel deep graphic that serves as a graphical complement to the email subject line. Email recipients simply mouse over the subject line or VisualSubject icon, and the preview drops down with graphics and text. VisualSubject lifts the restrictions of the 10-word subject line, enabling senders to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers, alumni or donors.

In recent tests, VisualSubject delivered a 27% boost in click-throughs and a 41% increase in conversions.* Advenix VisualSubject supports rich media content such as Macromedia Flash, allowing for a more engaging brand experience.

How VisualSubject Works

Advenix uses strict authentication mechanisms to ensure only authorized,
permission-based messages use VisualSubject.

Creative Development and Deployment
The Advenix VisualSubject preview is created along with the email campaign. The preview graphic is then uploaded to Advenix using Advenix’s Web-based Campaign Manager. A unique identifier is then generated for the campaign.

The VisualSubject Preview
When the recipient moves his/her cursor over the icon, the preview is retrieved from an Advenix server and displayed. The recipient can then quickly decide whether to open and pursue the message or delete it. The preview immediately disappears when the cursor is moved away.

Append and Mail
The marketer or email service provider appends the email message with Advenix VisualSubject identifiers and distributes the email.

Senders quickly see what is working. Are recipients opening the message or deleting? Advenix’s Campaign Dashboard reports on the number of times the preview has been retrieved, displayed and clicked on.

The Inbox
Email recipients log into a Webmail account at a portal or ISP enabled with Advenix’s VisualSubject technology. Emails with VisualSubject appear with a special icon adjacent to the subject line.

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The VisualSubject icon immediately signals that the message is from a trusted organization — retailer, nonprofit, professional association— observing permission-based email standard

Images communicate faster than text. By simply mousing over the VisualSubject icon, recipients receive a quick drop-down preview with graphic or rich media which quickly conveys the content of the message.

It takes only seconds for a reader to decide whether to open or discard an email. VisualSubject gives the recipient the information to make a more informed decision.


Advenix VisualSubject lets organizations deliver visual imagery in the subject line, allowing target recipients to quickly understand the message without having to open it. VisualSubject’s support of rich media makes your message more compelling and improves the reader’s experience.

In recent tests, VisualSubject delivered a 27% boost in click-throughs and 41% increase in conversions.*

Because VisualSubject is only available for permission based emails, the VisualSubject mark signifies it is a trusted message.

VisualSubject is designed to be unobstrusive. The customized preview is only displayed when the mouse cursor is paused briefly over the VisualSubject icon or the subject line. The preview automatically rolls back up when the cursor is moved away.

Trusted Emails Only
VisualSubject is only available to authorized marketers. Advenix works with leading email accreditation and reputation companies to qualify and approve senders that want to use the technology. Marketers that use VisualSubject implement responsible permission-based practices and are CAN-SPAM compliant.

*Test results based on an A/B test of 5.6 million emails.For more information on test
  results, see Fact Sheet.

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