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VisualSubject Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VisualSubject sender-customized preivew technology, and why is it so compelling?

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Who will the VisualSubject benefit?

VisualSubject benefits: Marketers, users, and ISPs/Webmail companies.

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Is VisualSubject a solution to Spam?

VisualSubject is not an "antispam" technology, and so is not intended to, by itself, serve as a solution. But it is one more way users will be able to distinguish legitimate email from spam. And while it may be separate from emerging email initiatives to fight spam, it can be used WITH them.

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Who can use VisualSubject?

VisualSubject can be used by any organization that sends a fair volume of email. For example, retailers and website publishers.

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Isn't this just the same thing as the email preview window?

No. The email preview window (if you have that functionality, many email users don't) lets you peek at a small portion of an email. The VisualSubject teaser is a separate piece of content created by the sender and is not part of the email content that you see when you open it.

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Can individuals use VisualSubject for personal email?

Eventually, yes. Advenix will be introducing a version of the VisualSubject client technology that will allow individuals to send VisualSubject-enhanced emails. But at this time VisualSubject is targeted towards volume mailers. Advenix will be introducing a version of the VisualSubject client that will allow individuals to send VisualSubject-enhanced emails.

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(Marketers) What is needed to send VisualSubject sender-customized previews?

Volume mailers will sign up for an account with Advenix. Once Advenix has verified that the mailer's email campaigns fall within our guidelines, the mailer will upload their teaser creative onto Advenix's servers. Advenix will assign a token to be placed within the header of the outgoing emails.

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(Marketers) What will it cost?

We haven't yet set the price of using VisualSubject, but we expect we will charge marketers less than a penny per email for the basic teaser and more for rich media teasers, if you want to use multimedia. Either way, it will be a lot cheaper than the next best alternative: 22 cent pre-sorted bulk mail.

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What is needed to view VisualSubject content?

Advenix partners with Webmail providers to enable their subscribers to view VisualSubject-enhanced content. Recipients do not need to have any seperate software on their PCs.

For those who will use desktop email clients, a software plug-in will be required. We intend to release a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and other common email programs, and will announce it here as soon as it is available. The Outlook plug-in will be released first.

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What types of rich media does the VisualSubject support?

VisualSubject supports .gif and .jpg images as well as Macromedia Flash. Upcoming versions will support streaming video and Java.

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Could I get a virus?

No. VisualSubject emails will NOT carry viruses. Here's why.

Every time you mouse over a VisualSubject teaser, what you see will be coming from one of Advenix's servers. And we ensure every teaser is free from malicious software code. Plus, we use secure authentication technologies that ensure only those we authorize to use VisualSubject can use it.

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(Marketers) If I use VisualSubject, will it guarantee me getting through spam filters?

Because we will have relationships with ISPs, we intend to explore how their filters might automatically accept VisualSubject-enhanced emails.

We will also work with partners in the email deliverability space to ensure VisualSubject-enhanced emails are not mistakenly caught in recipients' spam filters.

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Can spammers use this technology?

No. VisualSubject employs secure authentication technologies that ensure only authorized legitimate mailers can use it. Plus, even if spammers wanted to use the technology and were granted permission to, it’s doubtful they would. Spammers make money because they can send as many emails as they choose without any incremental cost. By contrast, Advenix requires mailers to pay for each email enhanced with a VisualSubject. So, to spammers, the economics are unappealing.

Also, because we will work closely with ISPs and Webmail companies, they will let us know if a marketer using VisualSubject gets spam complaints. We don't like spam any better than you do, and will cancel such marketers' accounts with us if we find them to be abusers.

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What happens if an ISP or Webmail provider is not VisualSubject enabled? What will the recipient see?

Recipients with accounts at these companies will see emails that look like ordinary email. Marketers will only pay for emails that get delivered to VisualSubject-enabled inboxes.

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With VisualSubject, will I be getting more commercial email?

No. VisualSubject only enhances the email communications you are already getting. The economic cost ensures that senders think twice before sending out any email. With improved communications between the sender and recipient, you may be getting less frequent emails from the sender.

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Will VisualSubject content slow down my email?

No. The VisualSubject technology employs sophisticated content retrieval mechanisms that load the teaser content in the background. The VisualSubject retrieval process only begins after your browser or email client has finished loading the visible inbox content.

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My inbox quota is small. Does VisualSubject take up a lot of space?

No. The VisualSubject header is very small. The VisualSubject content itself is stored on Advenix's servers and is only retrieved when you view the teaser.

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Do pop-up blockers block the VisualSubject teasers?

Pop-up blockers do not block the VisualSubject teasers, because VisualSubject is not a pop-up. Unlike pop-up ads, the VisualSubject teaser is completely user-initiated, does not open a new browser window, and does not interrupt the user's email experience.

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