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Email Users:
Why You'll Like VisualSubject, Too

Being power email users ourselves, we know what it's like to be overwhelmed with email. So anything that can help you get through your email more efficiently is a good thing.

The limitations of the conventional subject line can make it difficult to figure out which commercial emails you want to look at and which ones you can wait on. Or skip. So if a commercial email you receive is VisualSubject-enhanced, you're able to find out more without having to open the email. The time this saves you will add up quickly.

I hate pop-up ads. Isn't the VisualSubject customized email preview just a pop-up?

No. A VisualSubject preview is NOT a pop-up.

Unlike pop-up ads, VisualSubject previews are not intrusive. When you receive a VisualSubject-enhanced email, the preview will only appear if you hover your mouse over the VisualSubject icon. And it will stop appearing whenever you move your mouse off the indicator. (see example)

And, to make it even less intrusive, we've made the VisualSubject display function with a timed delay. For a VisualSubject preview to appear, you have to deliberately hover your mouse over the VisualSubject icon. So a preview will not appear if you simply move your mouse across the icon by accident.

Isn't VisualSubject doing the same thing a preview window/preview pane does?

Using the preview window means sacrificing half of the real estate on your screen. Make it any smaller and you have to scroll up and down within it. Which takes as much of your time as simply opening the email to full size!

When commercial emails are VisualSubject enhanced, you can scan them without any scrolling or clicking. Plus, if you use a Webmail account, you probably don't have use of a preview window anyway.

By viewing VisualSubject, could I get a virus?

No. VisualSubject emails will NOT carry viruses. Here's why.

Every time you mouse over a VisualSubject icon, what you see will be coming from one of Advenix's servers. And we ensure every VisualSubject preview is free from malicious software code. Plus, we use secure authentication technologies that ensure only those we authorize to use VisualSubject can use it.

I have other concerns.

We've only covered a few of your likely questions here. Check out our FAQ for more. And if your question is not addressed, we'd appreciate it if you can take a moment and email us at questions@advenix.com. While we may not be able to reply directly to every question we receive, we will update the FAQ to address the ones most frequently asked. Thank you in advance!

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