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Webmail providers and ISPs:
A New Source of Revenue

Your subscribers probably don't pay you much more than they used to, but you're certainly spending a lot more on them. So it would be nice to have extra revenue come in to 1) help cover your ever-rising spam-fighting costs and 2) help fund other offerings that differentiate you from your competitors.

Marketers will pay to have their emails enhanced with VisualSubject. So by partnering with Advenix and enabling your subscribers to receive VisualSubject-enhanced email, you have a new "class" of email that you make money from.

Also Enhance Emails That YOU Send

You probably send regular commercial emails to your subscriber base. And on top of that, maybe you allow your users to opt in to third-party offers. Enhance such emails with VisualSubject, and you'll get a better response.

Generate Revenue From VisualSubject Emails

It's not surprising that many ISPs and Webmail companies sell banner ad space on their pages, since their subscribers visit those pages constantly. But your subscribers don't come to these pages to look at advertising, they come to check their email. VisualSubject is similar to banner ads that are part of an email, so subscribers will look at them. They'll WANT to look at them, because they help them determine whether to open the email or not.

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