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How Does It Work?

Advenix partners with Webmail companies and ISPs to enable their subscribers to receive VisualSubject-enhanced emails. As a sender, you would set up an account with Advenix to host your VisualSubject creatives. You can upload and manage your "billboard" creative with an easy-to-use Web interface. Once you're ready to send out your email blast, a short VisualSubject ID code would be placed within your outgoing emails.

Then, when the email reaches a recipient who has an email account with one of our partners, the VisualSubject ID would be extracted and (as you can see) an icon identifying a VisualSubject-enhanced email would be shown to the recipient. When the recipient moves his or her mouse over the icon, your VisualSubject creative is retrieved from Advenix's servers and is displayed.

In addition to partnering with Webmail and ISP companies, Advenix also licenses the VisualSubject technology to them. For example, they might use it when sending out their OWN email offers to subscribers.

So When Can I Use It?

We are currently running private trials with ISPs and Webmail companies to offer the VisualSubject enhancement to their subscribers. If you are interested to be part of our trials please send an email to bizdev@advenix.com.

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